Thursday, January 16, 2014

PEI DXpedition Loggings

The 61 radio countries received are highlighted with a focus on some of the more active frequencies in these selected logs, all times UTC.

530  R.Enciclopedia, Villa María, Cuba  NOV 6 0600 — Good, over co-channel R.Rebelde; canned ID with theme music, “Transmite CMBQ Radio Enciclopedia, desde la Habana, Cuba,” and woman with time check, “Esta es la hora en punto, la una,” easy listening instrumentals.

531  Jil FM, F’kirina Wilaya d’Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria  NOV 5 0300 — Good over an unidentified signal; banter and “Jil FM Radio” promo/ID, parallel 549 kHz.

531  Kringvarp Føroya, Akraberg, Faroe Islands  NOV 5 0800 — Interval signal and news through 540 CBT Newfoundland splatter.  NOV 6 0759 — Poor in 540 CBT splatter; talk with interval signal repeated twice over the next minute — an unequivocal match with <>.

531  RNE5 Spain  NOV 3 2200 — Fair; “...en Radio La Carta y Radio Cinco,” time marker, “Radio Nacional de España, servicios informativos.”

549  Jil FM, Les Trembles, Algeria  NOV 6 0600 — Good, some 540 CBT splatter; military choral national anthem, time signal marking the hour, and news.

549  Spirit Radio, Carrickroe, Ireland  NOV 4 2000 — Excellent reception, with minimal splatter; ID and Catholic slanted news. Very nice. ‘We’re pulling for your family. Spirit Radio. Passion for life.’ NOV 5 2100 — Over/under Jil FM; “Spirit Radio on the air … Spirit Radio, news,” and 9 o’clock time check into news.

567  R.Rossii GTRK, Volgograd, Russia  NOV 4 1940 — Good/very good reception in the clear with multiple ID’s as R.Rossii.

567  BSKSA R.Quran, Saudi Arabia  NOV 6 2100 — Under co-channel Spain; Koran parallel 765, 999, and 1512 kHz.

576  R.Horizont, Gramada-Vidin, Bulgaria  NOV 6 2200 — Over/under co-channel Canaries/Spain; time marker, “Milo Rodina” choral national anthem.

594  BSKSA Duba, Saudi Arabia  NOV 5 0158 — Good; pre sign-on open carrier. 0255 discussion parallel 1521 kHz.

603  R.România Actualitati, Romania  NOV 4 2000 — Very good reception with time pips and ID in Romanian. A bit more of a jumble after with several co-channels noted, despite the strength.

611  SNRT Sebaa-Aioun, Morocco  NOV 4 0020 — Fair in upfade and off-frequency, fighting 610 and 612 hets; with talk in French, and then Arabic music at 0830. NOV 4 2359 — Excellent signal with distorted audio; announcements with “Maghribiyya” mentions followed by dramatic string music.

621  RTBFi Wavre-Overijse, Belgium  NOV 6 2000 — Fair reception fighting 620 splatter from CKCM which ID’ed as VOCM i.e. relay, but otherwise quite good with French news. Much stronger than either co-channel Tenerife or Spain proper with a soccer game in progress.

630  R.Nationale, Tunis, Tunisia  NOV 4 2000 — Very good reception; instrumental national anthem followed by a choral version, then Tunis mentioned into news.

630  YVKA R.Nacional de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela  NOV 4 0100 — Fair; promo, “... a través de la pagina web de Radio Nacional de Venezuela, ...a través de Facebook, Radio Nacional de Venezuela.”

657  VOR Murmansk, Russia  NOV 4 1900 — Fair; Moscow bells, signature time marker, “novosti” parallel 1413 kHz.

675  R.Maria, Lopik, Netherlands  NOV 2 2300 — Good; organ music, “AM 675, Radio Maria” and promo into telephone talk.

680  WAPA San Juan, Puerto Rico  NOV 4 0101 — Good over WRKO; Wapa jingle, “Esta es la poderosa, WAPA 680 AM San Juan-Areceibo, WISO 1260 AM Ponce-Mayagüez-Aguadilla, la señal más poderosa con la máxima noticia.”

702  VOIRI Rasht-Kiashahr, Iran  NOV 3 0140 — Good; Koranic vocal parallel Aztabriz stream.

711  France Info, Rennes, France  NOV 2 2100 — Good, over 711.11 Western Sahara het; football report ending with intro to “le journal” and fanfare into news.

720  BBC Radio 4 synchros, United Kingdom  NOV 2 2059 — Good over Canary Islands; promo, “... at BBC Radio 4,” time marker, “BBC news at 9 o’clock.”

783  Radio of Syrian Arab Republic, Tartus, Syria  NOV 5 0001 — Fair; “arabiyya as-suriyya min dimashq” ID.

800  PJB TransWorld Radio, Kralendijk, Bonaire  NOV 4 0200 — “Desde Bonaire, Antillas Holendesas, transmite Radio Transmundial, la emisora de mensaje diferente.”

810  BBC R.Scotland synchros  NOV 2 2100 — Good; “92 to 95 FM, eight-one-oh medium wave, and on digital radio, BBC Radio Scotland” into news at 9 o’clock.

819  ERTU Batrah, Egypt  NOV 2 2100 — Fair; Big Ben chimes, news or announcement in Arabic.  NOV 5 0254 — Very good reception with Quran chants, parallel to 774 kHz.

828  NDR Info, Hannover, Germany  NOV 4 2100 — Fair; Broadway-style vocal to “NDR Info, nachtrichten” parallel 972 kHz.  NOV 7 2000 — Good; football coverage parallel 972 kHz.

855  R.România Actualitati, Tancabesti, Romania  NOV 3 0256 — Under co-channel Spain; choral national anthem parallel 1152 kHz.

882  La Xarxa, Mollet del Vallès-Barcelona, Spain  NOV 5 2000 — Good, over co-channel BBC R.Wales and COPE Spain; time marker, and “Noticias la Xarxa” in Catalan.

900  Rai Radiouno, Milano, Italy  NOV 5 0200 — Good; data signal and time marker, time check and flourish with “Rai Radiouno” ID.

909  VOA Sebele Pikwe, Botswana  NOV 8 0258 — Fair, under co-channel BBC5; Yankee Doodle interval signal parallel 1530 São Tomé, and then into news at 0300 UTC.

910  R.Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba  NOV 4 0100 — Over Venezuela; ascending notes marking the hour, “Ocho en punto,” and canned ID, “Desde la cuna de el mayor transmite Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camagüey, Cuba.”

910  YVRQ Caracas, Venezuela  NOV 4 0050 — Fair; tropical music, doorbells with time check between songs, 0058 “AM Center” promo.

917  R.Gotel, Yola, Nigeria  NOV 3 2314 — Poor in some splatter, but finally yielding snips of audio, music and talk by female. Even better copy the following evening. Off-frequency, the lone signal on 917 kHz worldwide.

918  R.Slovenija 1, Ljubljana-Domzale, Slovenia  NOV 3 2130 — Good; news in English, weather check for the “skies above Slovenia” at 2133, then into German at 2134. NOV 8 0258 — Fair, with interval signal, national anthem and 5-1 time pips on the hour into news.

940  WIPR Máxima 940, San Juan, Puerto Rico  NOV 5 0800 — In het party with the two offset Mexicans 939.88 XEQ and 940.17 XEMMM.

954  Cesky rozhlas synchros, Czech Republic  NOV 5 2000 — Excellent, with synchro echo; time marker and “Cesky rozhlas 2” ID.  NOV 8 2230 — Good reception from this Czech broadcaster, with 3 sites between 20 and 200 kilowatts. Co-channel to very powerful Spanish Onda Cero, Madrid, with 50 kilowatts which fades up and down, so the two of them play it out for the frequency.

963  R.Culturelle, Tunis, Tunisia  NOV 2 2358 — Good; choral national anthem at tune-in, then off.  NOV 4 2000 — Arabic ID exactly as listed in the EMWG: ‘Idha’at al Thakafiya’, but preceded by ‘...Tunis.’

972  NDR Info, Hamburg, Germany  NOV 2 2100 — Good; “NDR Info, nachtricten,” into news.  NOV 3 0200 — Good; “ARD Info nacht, nachtricten,” into news.

972  Ukrayinske Radyo 1, Nikolaev, Ukraine  NOV 4 1900 — Dominant at this time, ‘Ukrayinske Radyo’ just before the hour audible into music. Not particularly strong yet, but it’s only 3 p.m. local. Same program audible on 837 kHz, but lower strength.

981  Chaîne 2, Algiers, Algeria  NOV 8 0358 — Excellent; string music into national anthem, followed by about a minute of lone male chanting, then sounder at 0300:30 into news.

990  R.Sawa, Cape Greco, Cyprus  NOV 9 0055 — Fair, under CBC Newfoundland, with popular Western and Arabic music matching Internet feed.

1008  GrootNieuwsradio, Zeewolde, Netherlands  NOV 3 2000 — Fair; ID for GrootNieuwsradio on AM, and on “computer, tablet, or smart phone.”

1026  Downtown Radio, Belfast, Northern Ireland  NOV 6 0759 — Fair; Downtown Breakfast Show contest promo, “On 96 and 102 FM, 1026 AM, and digital radio ...” into news.

1026  SER R.Vigo, Sampayo, Spain  NOV 6 2042 — “Radio Vigo Cadena Ser” and fútbol. A second Spanish station with a different fútbol match in here too.

1035  R.Eli, Tartu, Estonia  NOV 5 0400 — Fair; TWR interval signal, cuckoo clock time signal, “Estonia ...” NOV 6 2200 — Fair; easy listening instrumental, “Radio Eli” IDs.

1044  SER R.San Sebastián, Monte Igueldo, Spain  NOV 6 0659 — Good; local ad string including “Restaurante Urbano en calle treinta y uno de Agosto,” then marker and time check into news, “En Cadena Ser ...”

1053  R.Iasi, Iasi, Romania  NOV 3 2000 — Over/under co-channel TalkSport; sign off with quick ID/announcement and flourish, then 1-kHz test tone continuing through the hour.

1062  Rai Radiouno, Italy  NOV 2 2258 — Good; sign-off with orchestral national anthem, then post sign-off tones, parallel 900 and 1575 kHz.

1070  HJAH Emisora Atlántico, Barranquilla, Colombia  NOV 6 0550 — Fair; Emisora Atlántico jingle and time check, nostalgic vocal. 0600 long jingle, “Atlántico, Atlántico, Emisora Atlántico.”

1071  AIR Rajkot, India  NOV 4 1900 — Good; All India Radio ID, alternating male/female vocal typical of Indian music. Wonderful to hear so early here, 3 p.m., with the sun shining through the window using a north facing 1,200-foot Beverage antenna.

1071  IRIB R.Maaref, Qom, Iran  NOV 2 2030 — Good; choral anthem parallel IRIB R.Iran 765, 837, 936, 990, 1035, 1062, 1116, 1197, and 1467 kHz.

1071  BSKSA Bisha, Saudi Arabia  NOV 3 2100 — Fair; techno instrumental leading up to the hour, time marker, and signature music into news parallel 1521 kHz.

1071  Al Nour Radio, Tartus Amrit, Syria  NOV 8 2255 — Positively ID’ed via live stream with frequent ‘snake-charmer’ music. At 2304 they are dominating the channel! A real battle earlier between co-channel Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

1107  AFN Bavaria, Vilseck, Germany  NOV 4 2105 — Weak under co-channel Scotland and Spain, but clear NPR “All Things Considered” which matched the online schedule for the Bavarian service of AFN.

1107  Moray Firth Radio, Tarbat Ness, Scotland  NOV 6 0559 — Good; Subway ad, “Live on digital radio, online, and on your mobile, this is MFR news.”

1116  BBC R.Guernsey, Rohais, England  NOV 6 0700 — Fair; “Passionate about island life, BBC Guernsey,” and news, “It’s 7 o’clock on the news station.”

1134  Hrvatske Radio, Zadar, Croatia  NOV 5 1911 — “You’re listening to Croatian Radio, the Voice of Croatia.” NOV 7 2200 — Good; time marker, “Hrvatski Radio, Prvi programa.”

1143  VOR Bolshakovo, Kaliningrad  NOV 4 1900 — Good; “Golos Rossii” and Moscow bells, time marker into novosti.

1152  R.România Actualitati, Cluj, Romania  NOV 3 0255 — Over/under co-channel Spain; sign-on with test tone, interval signal, and choral national anthem parallel 1179 kHz.

1152  Clyde 2, Dechmont Hill, Scotland  NOV 3 2200 — Good over co-channel Spain; “On digital radio, online, and on 1152 AM, this is Clyde 2 news,” and 10 o’clock time check into news.

1160  VSB3 Hamilton, Bermuda  NOV 6 0200 — Good; “The BBC World Service, the world’s radio station,” and time marker.

1161  Tay AM, Greenside Scalp, Scotland  NOV 4 2200 — Under co-channel “Magic” England; “On digital radio, online, and on the air, 1161 ... this is Tay AM news.”

1170  R.Capodistria, Beli Kriz, Slovenia  NOV 6 0700 — Fair; “Calle degli orti grandi — quotidiano del mattino” program.  Thanks to Vlad Titarev and Valter Comuzzi for the ID assist.  NOV 7 2200 — Good over co-channel Russia; promo/IDs, “programa Radio Capodistria.”

1179  R.România Actualitati, Galbeni-Bacau, Romania  NOV 4 1900 — Excellent; “Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta” and time marker into news.

1179  SER R.Valencia, Valencia, Spain  NOV 2 2058 — Good; local ID, “Radio Valencia, Cadena Ser.”

1188  MR4, Hungary  NOV 6 0700 — Good; 600-Hz tone, then a multiple frequency tone, sign-on announcement, canned Magyar Radio ID.

1215  VOR Bolshakovo, Kaliningrad  NOV 5 1900 — Over/under Absolute Radio; time marker and “Novosti ... Golos Rossii.”

1215  Absolute Radio synchros, United Kingdom  NOV 5 0900 — Excellent; ad string, “Good morning, it’s the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show,” and 9:01 time check into news. At 0949 still in the clear, not usually log worthy here as it is ubiquitous, but not at this time of the morning, and well after dawn in the U.K.

1220  ZYJ458 R.Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  NOV 3 2208 — At fair level with a presumed soccer game. Heard with the dual Delta loop, aimed north/south. Not heard on our Beverage, nor the north directed SuperLoop which has been superb tonight for Europe.

1224  Galei Zahal, Beersheba, Israel  NOV 8 2319 — Positively confirmed parallel to their webfeed found on After a few minutes the co-channel Spanish COPE resumed its typical dominance.

1251  Gold Digital Amber, Great Barton, England  NOV 5 2100 — Fading over co-channel Netherlands with Gold jingle.

1251  IRIB R.Iran, Sari, Iran  NOV 4 2100 — Good; canned “Radyoe Iran” with anthem-like theme song/jingle, parallel 1431 kHz.

1251  R.Libya, Tripoli, Libya  NOV 6 1945 — Presumed R.Libya over/under two other co-channels.  R.Iran at times, with mentions of Iran, presumably, but also some Western music on Radio 5 from Holland. A bit of a jumble here, but each can be very good at times.

1251  Radio 5, Hulsberg, Netherlands  NOV 5 2059 — Man in Dutch parallel 747 kHz, lost to co-channel Gold Digital Amber on the hour.

1280  VSB2 Hamilton, Bermuda  NOV 6 0200 — Fair; “BBN on WYFQ FM Wadesboro ...” into BBN program.

1296  Radio XL, Langley Mill, England  NOV 3 2100 — Good over Spain; “ ... and 1296 AM, this is Radio XL,” and “From the Sky news center at nine.”

1296  COPE Valencia, Spain  NOV 7 2058 — Over co-channel Radio XL; local ads, “La Casa Grande Valencia, más información enlace valencia punto org.”

1323  Gold, Southwick, England  NOV 5 2100 — Fair; “On AM, online and digital radio, playing the greatest hits of all time,” and jingle, “This is Gold.”

1350  Kossuth Radio, Gyór, Hungary  NOV 5 2000 — Good; “Kossuth Radio” ID. Thanks to Valter Comuzzi and Chuck Hutton at RealDX for the ID assist.

1368  Challenger Radio, Villa Estense, Italy  NOV 7 1900 — Poor; “Operated by Nexus International Broadcasters Association” with mention of shortwave and upper sideband.

1377  TWR Gavar, Armenia  NOV 6 2039 — Of course co-channel France Info with 300 kilowatts dominates, but it’s easy to hear a second station co-channel, most likely TWR Asia from Armenia. Occasionally rising to be almost equal to France Info.

1386  R.Baltic Waves International, Sitkunai, Lithuania  NOV 4 1900 — Good; open carrier leading up to the hour, then fanfare with “Polish Radio external service” ID. NOV 4 2000 — Polish, then English ID, then into Belorussian service. Absolutely in the clear, very good reception. NOV 5 0327 — NHK relay, interval signal, sign-on with Russian broadcast. Poor at this time.

1394.88  TWR Fllakë, Albania  NOV 4 2000 — Excellent; TWR interval signal, then TransWorld Radio Polska program.

1395  VOR Yerevan, Armenia  NOV 6 2044 — Despite an extremely powerful TWR Albania, bandwidth was narrowed to clearly hear Armenia relaying R.Rossii. NOV 6 2200 — Poor; “Golos Rossii,” Moscow bells, and time marker.

1413  VOR Grigoriopol, Moldova  NOV 3 1900 — Fair; “Golos Rossii ...” and Moscow bells, then time marker into “novosti” news. NOV 5 1802 — Fair reception at 2 p.m. local with Russian news, already propagating. One of the first stations heard reasonably well this afternoon.

1413  BBC World Service, A’Seela, Oman  NOV 4 2000 — Under Moldova; “BBC World Service, the world’s radio station” and time marker.

1431  IRIB R.Iran, Esfahan, Iran  NOV 4 2100 — Good over co-channel R.Sawa Djibouti; “Radyoe Iran” ID with brief anthem-like theme song, parallel 1251 kHz.

1440  RTL Marnach, Luxembourg  NOV 2 2258 — Good over WRED; CRI program with Chinese orchestra music. NOV 5 1803 — Good reception already with RTL ID and into pop music. Only just after 2 p.m. local. Rechecking at 1830 has a religious program in German, so presumably Lutherische Stunde.

1458  BBC Asian Network, Birmingham, England  NOV 6 2113 — It’s been fun to listen to this frequency. Sunrise Radio heard easily, but there’s also another and a BBC ID was heard, but otherwise Indian music, so I’m assuming this to be the BBC Asian Network. And, maybe a third station, too!

1458  Sunrise Radio, Brookmans Park, England  NOV 5 0300 — Over co-channel Romania; “This is Sunrise Radio, news on the hour every hour.”

1458  R.România Actualitati, Constanta, Romania  NOV 4 1900 — Fair over unidentified U.K. station after Albania sign-off; “Radio România Actualitati hora exacta” and time marker into news parallel 1152 kHz.

1467  TWR Roumoules, France  NOV 4 2159 — Good over co-channel Iran; Arabic program with internet address

1467  R.Maria, Le Col de la Madonne, France  NOV 3 1854 — Good; abrupt sign-off with R.Maria ID in French.

1476  IRIB R.Iran, Marivan, Iran  NOV 5 2000 — Off-frequency, het against unID 1476, rising to good level at times; speaker parallel 1503 kHz. Measured 1476.265 kHz.

1502.86  R.Zavidovici, Mecevici, Bosnia & Herzegovina  NOV 5 2000 — Loud het against 1503 BBC and others; presumed Bosnia as the only signal listed this low in mwoffsets database.

1511.93  ERA Chania, Greece  NOV 8 2144 — Always a jumble due to this off-frequency station.  Should be Greece, on late, presumably due to being occupied by the fired employees. Measured on 1511.931, while two other carriers also present on .992 and 1512.000 kHz likely Saudi and Iran.  Sometimes good reception, but mostly fair.

1521  SER R.Castellón, Ctra Valencia, Spain  NOV 5 2029 — Normally 2,000-kilowatt Saudi Arabia totally dominates the channel, but not so this afternoon. SER for a time just about came up to equal strength with play by play soccer game.

1530  R.România Actualitati, Mihaileni & Mahmudia, Romania  NOV 4 2000 — Fair; “Radio România Actualitati, hora exacta” and time marker into news.

1530  VOA Pinheira, São Tomé e Principe  NOV 5 0259 — Over/under Romania; Yankee Doodle, news in English. NOV 5 0307 — Daybreak Africa program at near armchair level in English, with African accented announcer.

1539  SER Elche & Manresa, Spain  NOV 6 2211 — It’s enough to turn someone to drink, with the two SER network sites out of sync, making for quite a mess.

1547.88  BBC R.Bristol, Mangotsfield, England  NOV 5 0200 — Fair; relaying BBC Radio 5 Live.  NOV 7 1900 — Fair, easily separated from 1548 Moldova; “Across the west on FM ... this is BBC Radio Bristol.”

1548  VOR/TWR Grigoriopol, Moldova  NOV 3 1827 — End of Bulgarian broadcast with address in Sofia given as well as internet info, TWR interval signal into Romany program. NOV 4 2000 — Good, tuned to high side to avoid het from BBC R.Bristol offset; TWR interval signal, then cut into VOR time marker and Golos Rossii ID. NOV 5 1830 — Fair; one cycle of TWR interval signal.

1550  RASD Rabouni, Western Sahara  NOV 3 2300 — Very strong and enjoyable, especially with the SAM engaged and the bandwidth opened on the Perseus SDR. There’s definitely an African flare to this music. Sahwari music similar to what you would hear from Mauritania, group of people singing with some kind of stringed instrument, possibly a xalam. Went off at 2333 after anthem.

1566  TWR Parakou, Benin  NOV 3 2155 — Fair fading to excellent; ID in French (translation), “This is TWR, a message of hope for the world, the following program will be in French.”

1575  IRIB R.Iran, Ghaen, Iran  NOV 2 2100 — Over/under Italy and others; canned “Radyoe Iran” with anthem-like theme song, same as later heard on 1431 kHz. Iran bubble jammer also noted on this frequency, apparently to block reception of the co-channel “Radio Farda” VOA Farsi service out of the United Arab Emirates.

1575  R.Farda, Al Dhabiya, United Arab Emirates  NOV 2 2300 — Good over co-channel Italy; “Radio Farda dot com” and contemporary Mid-East vocal.

1593  R.Cluj, Romania  NOV 4 1959 — Under co-channel R.România Actualitati; sign-off announcement with Radio Cluj mention, then test tone and off.

1602  R.Seagull, Pietersbierum, Netherlands  NOV 5 2005 — Very good reception; jingles and variety of pop music. 2100 fade up over co-channel Spain; “Feature Story News from Washington.”

1638.15  Bluebird Radio, Netherlands  NOV 4 2145 — Dutch beer drinking music. The easiest and strongest presumed Dutch pirate is ongoing for the last few hours on a Monday night, with several mentions of Bluebird, and identical style of oompah or polka type music. Always off-frequency by 152 Hz on the high side. NOV 5 2145 — Exceptionally good; mentioned “Bluebird” several times. He finally ID’ed in English, “This is pirate radio Sandokan.”

1692  LGQ Rogaland Radio, Vigre, Norway  NOV 5 2317 — Woman with marine weather in English, ended at 2321, then a man in Norwegian. Good signal. It’s a maritime weather and safety station, broadcast daily between 2315 and 2330 only, so a good catch. Vigre is located on the south-west coast of Norway, about the same latitude as northern Scotland.

5895  LLE-3 Erdal, Norway  NOV 6 0615-0900 — Heard during the entire period, although the first 10 minutes or so were marred by utility interference. Best around 0700 to 0800 with looped Morse IDs and voice giving ID and contact information. Using a Perseus SDR and 1,200-foot Beverage aimed 60 degrees.  Confirmed from the operators via email the first North American reception report!

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